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FAVORİ; Our Company, who has sufficient machines and equipments, has targets of serving its best all the time to its customers and increasing its customers’ pleasure for supplying all our customer requiremetns on time and without any problem.

It gives very high importance to the quality of production and service for the purpose of its vision which is being a Company reliable.

Our company serve successfully to lots of individuals, institutions, organizations and business men.

It reaches is today’s power with the acceleration of its growth and the experiences gained. For giving beter service to our customer, we maintain our works in the opinion of innovations within the production sector and following new technological developments.

Customer Satisfaction: The secrets of our success on the project, that we stipulate, are feeling new exciting on every new project, finding and planning the solutions together with the customers.

FAWORİ TESİSAT  Tüm Hakları Saklıdır.
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